Ballet and Movement for Adults

Ballet and Movement for Adults

Ballet for Adults

Our adult ballet classes, aimed at adults who are aged 25 and upwards, are for those who have taken previous ballet classes during their childhood and adolescence but due to other commitments, were unable to continue throughout their adult life. Classes are one hour long and ballet shoes will be required.

Our classes aim to rekindle the love you have for ballet. We will cover all the ballet exercises. Students of all levels are encouraged to attend however having some form of background in ballet dance would be beneficial to fully-benefit from the class programme.

Classes will include basic warm-up exercises including plies, tendus, degages, releves, grande battemante, rond de jambe and more. They will also include centre work including battemante exercises performed away from the barre, port des bras, piroettes, adage, petit and grand allegro.

The fee for each class is of €10. We are offering the option to pay per class – therefore offering full flexibility to drop in and join as you please. Payments must be made in cash at the studios.

Schedules and Classes

Tuesdays at 11:00am to 12:00pm

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