Company of Dance Arts

Company of Dance Arts

Company of Dance Arts is the dance company of the Academy of Dance Arts.

The Company is comprised of senior dancers from the School who are selected by audition.  The dancers have been trained for more than ten years in various dance genres, including classical ballet, Spanish dance, contemporary and commercial, making them very versatile and adaptable to different choreographies. They have been trained by Malta’s leading professional dance teachers and have also participated in various dance competitions, master classes, courses and performances abroad.  Company of Dance Arts gives space to young dancers to perform locally as well as internationally, and to offer to the public a new and vibrant source of art form.   Dancers audition locally as well as internationally to further pursue their dance training and experience.  More importantly, the dancers have been training together since when they were young children and work and perform together like a family.  Indeed, they dance together like they were one body.

During this current pandemic, the Company kept going and worked on various concept with the aim of giving a message through dance, as well as non-conceptual dance videos which were shot in various locations, with the aim of enhancing our culture and heritage. 

The dancers and choreographies of Company of Dance Arts are directed by Ms Sara Bianchi. The dancers are trained and choregraphed by Ms Amanda Didsbury, Ms Lucy Webster, Mr Warren Bonello, Ms Fiona Barthet and Ms. Sara Bianchi.  Company of Dance Arts has a strong creative team that has been working together for many years.  Ms. Rowena Grech, the school principal, forms part of the creative team, together with the above-mentioned teachers and choreographers.  The dancers and creative team form part of Academy Dance Arts.

The videos produced by Company of Dance Arts may be viewed on the School’s YouTube channel and Facebook page.

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