Further and Higher Education Institution Licence


The Academy of Dance Arts is licensed by the National Commission for Further and Higher Education, the NCFHE, as a Further and Higher Education Institution offering courses from MQF Level 1 – MQF Level 5 (Licence Number: 2015-004). 

The NCFHE is the Government entity which manages the licensing of education institutions. Amongst other activities, the NCFHE provides accreditation to further and higher educational institutions, provides accreditation to programmes or courses of studies at further and higher education levels, and provides quality assurance of both educational institutions and programmes or courses.

The Academy of Dance Arts is one of less than a handful of local dance schools in Malta which holds (and has recently renewed) such a licence. The licence is granted to education institutions which satisfy a set of criteria including (but not only):

   – operating from premises which have all the required building permits from the competent authorities,
   – provision of courses which are accredited or recognised and mapped to the national qualification framework,
   – employment of qualified teachers, and
   – implementation of a quality assurance framework for courses, students and teachers.

The NCFHE carries out regular audits to ensure that the Academy abides by the conditions set out in the licence.

The licence gives both existing and prospective students of the Academy the peace-of-mind that the Academy has put in place the quality mechanisms required to offer an education programme which is to the standard set out by the NCFHE which, in turn, is aligned to the standard set out at a European level.

More information about the NCFHE may be found on the NCFHE’s website: https://ncfhe.gov.mt