Hip Hop and Commercial Dance Classes

The Academy of Dance Arts offers a comprehensive programme of Hip Hop and Commercial Dance classes for children from 5 years, teenagers and adults.

Hip Hop classes are held throughout the week. Children join one class of an hour every week. For more information about these classes, please fill in the Registration From here: http://dancearts.com.mt/register/.

New Commercial Dance Classes with Mr Warren Bonello starting January 2019

The Academy of Dance Arts will be introducing five new Commercial Dance classes starting this January 2019. These classes are Contemporary Fusion, Creative Choreography, Improvisation, Dance Education and Jazz Technique. Mr Warren Bonello will be teaching all of these classes.

Below is a brief description of each of these classes including the day and time when the classes will be held. These classes are for students aged 12 years and above. Registration for these classes is now open.

Contemporary Fusion / Commercial. Monday at 7:00pm to 8:00pm. Fee for term: €90.
A class in which we will be working on contemporary techniques, fused with commercial movements and a vast variety of music from all genres and put into choreographies / dances and set exercises.

Improvisation / Freestyle. Monday at 8:00pm to 9:00pm. Fee for term: €90.
This class will work on something truly needed amongst our teen students who have great faculty and technique but need to work on the ability to perform and engage emotions. It will also help with musicality and understanding of one’s body.

Creative Choreography. Thursday at 8:00pm to 9:00pm. Fee for term: €90.
A class which would be devised by the students and the teacher on methods and techniques of choreography building. This class is aimed for those creative students who intend creating choreographies for solos, duets or groups.

Jazz Technique. Saturday at 1:00pm to 2:00pm. Fee for term: €90.
5,6,7,8 … Kicks, jumps and turns would be the focus of this class. A full hour of pure technique, focusing on old school Jazz working the body to its extremes. This class would be also focusing on old school Jazz choreographies which include musical theatre productions such as Cabaret, All That Jazz, West Side Story, A Chorus Line and more.

Dance Education. Saturday at 2:00pm to 3:00pm. Fee for term: €90.
A different type of DANCE class from the others, one which will focus on theories, history, choreographers and much more. This class will not be a normal dance class but more focused on the theoretical and political side of dance. Dance wear is still required together with a notebook.

For more information or to register for one of these classes, go to http://dancearts.com.mt/register/ and select “Commercial (From age 12 years)” from the course drop-down list.