Summer Club 2023

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The Summer Club is a programme in the Performing Arts. It is a three-day programme on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays from 9am to 1pm. The programme will include classes in Dance, Drama, Music, Singing, Art and more. The programme will offer children a comprehensive exposure to the performing arts.

The students will be working together towards a showcase which will be organised towards the end of the programme. The showcase will take the form of a small performance. Should it be possible given the current restrictions related to the pandemic, the parents will be invited to see their children perform. During this showcase, the students will be showing off all that they would have learnt during the programme. Throughout the Summer Club, all the activities will build up to this production. This will reinforce in our students a sense of teamwork and of working together towards a common goal. These are very important skills and values which need to be instilled in our children from a young age.

The programme is open to both girls and boys. The programme is open to children between 5 years (born 2010) and 13 years (born 2010). Children will be organised into age groups and all activities will be appropriate to the specific ages. The age groups are 5-6, 7-8, 9-10 and 11-13.

The programme will also include an outing every week. The outings are aimed at developing an interest in the arts and will serve as inspiration for what the children will be doing during their classes in preparation for the final showcase.

for whatever reason, we will not issue any refund in part or in full.


All the teachers who will be participating in the Summer Club are fully qualified and trained in their respective areas. 


The Summer Club will be spread over 7 weeks. Classes will start on Tuesday 11 July and end on Thursday 31 August. There will be no classes during Santa Maria week between 14 and 18 August. Classes will start at 9am and end at 1pm.

Air-conditioned studios

All classes (except the outings, of course) will be held in our air-conditioned studios in Mosta. This will ensure that the children will enjoy their classes away from the summer heat.


The fee for the Summer Club is of €450. This includes all the materials that the children will be needing including paints, costumes and props. The fee also includes the outings and transportation to and from the outings. There will be no additional fees. 

Tax Credit

The Academy of Dance Arts is licensed by the Malta Further and Higher Education Authority (MFHEA) as a Further and Higher Education Institution offering courses from MQF Level 1 to Level 5. Licence Number: 2015-004. The Academy of Dance Arts’ Summer Club is licensed as a Summer School. It will therefore be possible to claim a tax credit on the fees paid for the Summer Club. The bill payer will therefore be eligible to a tax credit of up to a maximum of €2,000.

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