The Courses

The Academy of Dance Arts offers a broad range of courses to both male and female students starting from the age of just six months.

Movement for Children

Our Movement for Children course is an exciting dance programme for boys and girls who love to dance and move to music. The Academy has been the first to develop such a course in Malta and has been continuously developing the course by adding new activities that keep the little ones always very excited.

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Junior Ballet

Starting ballet – Recreational ballet for Ages 3 – 4

The Recreational class aims to introduce children to the art and joy of dance. This class focuses on developing the young dancer’s coordination and rhythm. Students learn basic class etiquette, learning to take turns and participate in group or pair work. They are exposed to ballet terminology, which are explained in simple terms the young dancer will remember. A portion of the class is set aside for stretching to develop flexibility and free dance, encouraging students to respond individually to different types of music and to develop their creativity.

Formal Ballet – Primary and Standard 1 for Ages 5 – 6

Students continue to build on what they have learned in the previous year. There is more focus on stance and correct positioning of the body, feet and arms. Young dancers are introduced to the importance of discipline in their classical training as classes become more formal. Students acquire the necessary foundations for their Grade and Vocational Examinations. These exams are a good preparation for Grade examinations as they are less formal. Students enter in groups and are assisted by their class teacher.

Formal Ballet – Grade 1 – 6

At the Academy, students begin the Grade 1 syllabus at the age of 7 and progress to the next Grade after successfully completing an annual examination regulated by ISTD. In Grade 1 students start to work at the barre and learn correct positioning as they perform basic warm-up exercises. Centre work includes battement exercises performed away from the barre, port des bras, pirouettes, adage, petite and grand allegro. Body conditioning, creating a sequence of steps to a set piece of music and performances are also given important weighting at the Academy of Dance Arts.

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Senior Ballet

After completing Grades 1 through to Grade 6, students then prepare for major exams, namely Intermediate, Advanced 1 and Advanced 2 syllabi. Work started in the grades continues and builds progressively to more advanced levels. Students are also expected to perform sections of the syllabus on pointe shoes.

Dedicated and talented students are encouraged and prepared for teachers’ certificates or helped to find scholarships to further their studies abroad.

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Flamenco and Spanish Dance

The Academy of Dance Arts offers professional Spanish dance lessons to students of all ages. The Academy prepares students for examinations of the Spanish Dance Society (SDS). The board has a graded syllabus starting from Preparacion De Ingreso for children as young as six, progressing to Vocational levels. It includes various styles of Spanish Dance, namely Flamenco, regional and classical forms of dance.

Students at the Academy take Spanish exams on an annual basis and achieve very good results. They are all examined by International examiners.

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Jazz & Hip Hop

Jazz and Hip Hop classes on offer at the Academy of Dance Arts are aimed at various levels namely children, teens and more advanced dancers. It is generally regarded that the basis for good technique is ballet, which builds the strength and coordination required. Teachers at the Academy dedicate a part of the class to intense warm-up and stretching, to build on the students’ athleticism, strength and agility. A short routine is learned in every session.

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