Frequently Asked Questions

Students are expected to conform to the school rules and to maintain the standards of their class level. It is important that all students attend classes on a regular basis. In order to ensure a positive school ethos, students are expected to be courteous to their teachers and fellow dancers. Undisciplined, disruptive or discourteous behaviour will not be tolerated in the classroom or changing rooms at any time. Disciplinary action will be taken with regard to these students.

All classes begin promptly. Students are expected to be dressed, with a neat bun for classical dancers, and ready to start class on time. Latecomers not only disturb the class, but subject themselves to injury due to insufficient warm-up. Students who are more than ten minutes late may be refused entry.

The following is a set of frequently asked questions which are aimed at helping students and parents.

My child is registered, what do we do on the first day of class?

We recommend that you arrive 15 minutes prior to the start of class to give you and your child ample time to prepare for class.  Please refer to the Uniform section of the Rules & Regulations to make sure that your child is wearing the proper class attire. All children are encouraged to use the Dressing Room to change into their uniform.

Parents may wait in the reception while their children attend the class. We encourage parents not to wait in the Dressing Room.

We kindly ask that all students be picked up following the end of class. Parents are asked not to leave children unattended. Should you have any additional questions upon arrival, you may speak with a teacher or the studio administrator on duty in the office.

May I stay and observe my child’s class?

No, parents may not observe their child’s class. Family members may wait in the lobby until the student is finished with class.  Parents or other people observing children during class create a distraction and take attention away from the teacher’s instruction.

How do I report an absence and can we make it up?

We understand that circumstances may arise that prevent students from attending class. In these instances, we kindly ask that the student’s absence be reported so that the faculty and administration may accurately track attendance.  To report an absence, please call on 21 421 632.

In order for your child’s absence to be eligible for a make-up class, it must be reported to the absence hotline. While absences may occur for any number of reasons, we are only able to offer make-up classes for those absences due to illness, family emergency, or religious holidays.  If your child is injured and will miss a prolonged series of classes, we ask that you provide us with an applicable doctor’s note.  Please note that tuition will not be adjusted for those weeks missed unless the student withdraws.

What if I need to switch my child’s class time? Your child may switch from one class section to another only if there is space still available in the new class.  Please call  on 21 421 632 to request a switch.

How do we know if the school is closed due to inclement weather or other reasons?

Closings due to inclement weather or other emergencies will be announced immediately via any of the following methods: email, SMS and our Facebook page.

Is there a formal school show?

School shows are organized once every two years. The next school show will be on 22 March 2014.

In addition to the school show, we organize Parents Days towards the end of every term. This gives parents the opportunity to observe our students’ progress. Dates for Parents Days will be announced in advanced. In some cases, such as when the School Show will be organized in the same term, there will be no Parents Days.