Jazz and Contemporary

Contemporary & Jazz

Jazz classes for children from 5 years, teenagers and adults

The Academy of Dance Arts offers Jazz classes to children, starting from the age of 5, and teenagers and adults. The Academy also offers Contemporary Dance classes to teenagers and adults.

Jazz dance is a popular form of dance particularly with teenagers. It originated in Vaudeville and became identified with tap dance set to jazz music. Jazz dance evolved into a smooth style performed on Broadway and popularized by Bob Fosse. It is generally regarded that the basis for good jazz technique is ballet, which builds the strength and coordination required. Teachers at the Academy dedicate a part of the Jazz class to intense warm-up and stretching, to build on the students’ athleticism, strength and agility.

Contemporary dance developed during the mid twentieth century. It takes elements from classical, modern, and jazz styles and has developed to include other styles of dance too. It is often perceived to be closely related to modern dance, ballet and other classical concert dance styles.

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