Around the World in 80 Minutes

Around the World in 80 Minutes is the second show being organized by the Academy of Dance Arts. It is a wonderful trip around the world and provides a great showcase for the students of the Academy to present their talents in the various disciplines they are currently studying at our school.

This theme gave the students an opportunity to learn about and to become familiar with various regions of the world. Students took initiative to research the various cultures. The theme gave them the opportunity to understand different people from all over the world, their costumes and their traditional dances or other aspects of a particular culture.

The faculty of teachers and choreographers found countries or aspects of a particular culture to suit the varied ages and abilities of our students. While the youngest students are emulating the penguins in Alaska, the lions in Africa or the kangaroos in Australia, the more senior students and teachers show their maturity for example in the opening number as they move like the Northern Lights in the Fjords, and their sensuality and passion in the finale as we move down to the warmth of Spain.

While shows are important to give students an opportunity to perform in front of a large audience, it is also a time when teachers and students unite and work as a team to present to the public the heart and soul of the Academy of Dance Arts.

Below are the official photos from the show.

First Half

Second Half

All the photos from the Curtain Call of both nights may be viewed by clicking here.